Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Favorite Choral Anthems

This is a current list of my favorite choral anthems.  I am posting this for the worship leaders.  I will add to this list when I discover more worthy selections.  Please add your top recommendations so other worship pastors can benefit too!


Title: Changed

Author: Paula Stefanovich

Arranger: Richard Kingsmore

Publisher: Lillenas Music

Title: Days of Elijah

Author: Robin Mark

Arranger: Richard Kingsmore

Publisher: Integrity Music

Title: Jerusalem

Author: Paula Stefanovich

Arranger: Camp Kirkland

Publisher: Prism Music

Title: Jesus to the World

Author: Mike Harland

Arranger: Richard Kingsmore

Publisher: Lifeway Music

Title: No More Night (From the Easter musical, Written In Red)

Author: Walt Harrah

Arranger: Robert Sterling, Camp Kirkland, Gary Rhodes & Russell Mauldin

Publisher: Word Music

Title: Revelation Song (from the collection Glorious Day)

Author: Jennie Lee Riddle

Arranger: Travis Cottrell

Publisher: Benson Music

Title: Thou, Oh Lord

Author: Lisa Ireland

Arranger: Bradley Knight

Publisher: Prism Music

Title: You Are Good

Author: Israel Houghton

Arranger: Lari Goss

Publisher: Word Music

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