Saturday, May 22, 2010

Be silent...wait expectantly

Today I meditated on the first half of psalm 37:7

"Be silent before the LORD and wait expectantly for Him."

Have you ever attempted a dialogue with a person who spoke incessantly?  My  Grandpa Mooney would have responded to such person with a statement similar to the following.

"Would you hush?  I can't get in a word edge wise!"

"Wait silently before the LORD"  ...Maybe it's time to hush and allow the LORD to get in a word edge wise.  A few words of wisdom from Him are more beneficial to us than a thousand of our words.  We need to listen.

"Wait expectantly for Him"...We must expect God to actually do something when we pray.  A friend once told me that he once saw a photo of a group of farmers who gathered at the town square to pray for God to send rain to end a difficult drought.  He said, "You know, Eric.  Not one of them had an umbrella!"  Do we really expect God to answer our prayers?  If we only had the faith of a mustard seed!

"Father, I'm waiting for you.  Help me to remember to keep my mouth shut and expect to hear from You."


  1. Hey Eric, Great devotional. It's about time you started ready your Bible. LOL just kidding! It was good. Did you do this blog site?

  2. Thanks, Tim. Yes, I created this blog in April. I post every few days or so to keep it current. I hope you check it out periodically.