Saturday, October 30, 2010

Listed With Steve Grant Real Estate ( Malakoff / Star Harbor / Cedar Creek Lake )

3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1,962 Square Feet
Built in 2008
Malakoff ISD

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3 Jupiter Road (Star Harbor/Malakoff, TX)

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Living Room

Breakfast Nook and Kitchen


Formal Dining Room


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Community Center

Golf Course

Boat Launch Privileges to Beautiful Cedar Creek Lake

General Info

Natural stone and Hardy exterior. 1,962 sq ft living area plus patio and 2 car garage. Fenced yard with sprinkler system. Spacious, open living area with wood burning fireplace. Split bedroom floor plan. Access to golf and boat launch privileges.


Kitchen opens to breakfast nook and livingroom and has a great view of the vacant wooded lots where you can cook while you watch the deer graze. Modern appliances include a dishwasher, garbage disposal, ceramic cooktop, and microwave. The kitchen features lots of cabinets and a pantry.

Family/Living Room

Cozy family living area features beautiful stained concrete floors, a full sized wood burning fireplace covered with natural stone with a mirror over the mantle. 8' ceilings with 9' box ceiling featuring a remote controlled ceiling fan.

Dining Room

Dining room opens to the living room and kitchen area. It features a nice chandalier and large window to the front yard.


Split bedroom floor plan with master suite, shower, garden tub, and large walk-in closet. There is carpet in the master bedroom.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


My pastor, Nathan Lorick, preached a message today from Acts 1:4-14.  The title was “Plugging In to the Power Source”. 

In his introduction he asked, “Has anybody in here ever attempted to disassemble something in an attempt to fix it, only to find out that it wasn’t plugged in to begin with?”

Kim nudged me and whispered, “Like Ami, when she was training Java with that shock collar.”

Ami is married to Kim’s brother, Kevin.  They had adopted a mutt from the dog pound.  They named him Java.  Java grew into a very large animal.  If you have every read the comic strip “Marmaduke”, then you have an idea as to his size.  Java was a much undisciplined canine.  When a guest would visit their house, Java would rear up and wrap his humongous paws around them.  Evan was knocked down many times and had the scratches and bruises to prove it.  One day, the veterinarian gave Java a check up. 

He said, “Java behaves very poorly.  I know one thing for certain. He needs some severe pain inflicted on his rear end!” 

The vet recommended a collar that delivers an electric shock which was administered through a remote control.  Ami had used the device for several days in an attempt to train Java.  One day when we were visiting them, Ami was using it frequently. 

Kevin said, “Ami, it won’t be effective if you use it all of the time.” 

Ami replied, “It’s working Kevin!  Can’t you see how much better he’s acting?” 

“No I can’t”, answered Kevin.  “Let me see the remote.  Maybe the batteries are in wrong.”  Kevin opened the battery compartment.

“Ami, there are no batteries in here!”  Kevin exclaimed.

I believe each of us has a spiritual tank in our inmost parts that can only be filled by the Spirit of God.  In both the Old and New Testaments, we are told that we can’t live by bread alone, but we are to live also on spiritual food, the Word of God.  As a minister, I tend to pour my life into others.  That is a good thing, but if I’m not aware, the devil will blind me into believing that my spiritual tank is being filled in the process of exercising my spiritual gifts through ministry.

Have you ever heard the Jackson Browne song, “Running on Empty”?  If I fail to allow God to pour into my life, I will empty my spiritual tank.  I will run on fumes for a short time until I find myself pushing the car.  That’s as ridiculous as training a dog with a shock collar without batteries.  It’s not very powerful or effective.  The song lyrics read, “Running on empty….running behind.”  I must take time to stop at a service station (quiet time alone with God) to fill up with spiritual fuel.  I must be connected to the power source.  Why wouldn’t I want to be connected to the One who spoke the universe into motion at the sound of His voice?  Why wouldn’t I want to tap into the One who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent?  Once connected to Him, I can then pour into the lives of others out of the overflow of the Holy Spirit’s work in my life!

A couple of weeks ago, the Lord began to work on my heart.  He seemed to say, “Eric you’re trying too hard.  Trust in me and the power of my holy presence.” 

Let must tell you that I have now relinquished the oars of the ministry to Him and He has fill my sails and set my course straight. 

I can tell you two things that happened within the past week since trusting in His power.

Last Sunday, I locked the church doors and began a conversation with a wonderful couple in the church yard.  We concluded our dialogue; I got in my car, and headed for home.  As soon as I turned onto the highway, I had a strong feeling that the church doors were unlocked.  Something prompted me to realize that several church members had exited from the church door between the time I had locked the door and the time when I got into my car.  I immediately returned to the church.  When I arrived back at the church, I saw a man named Carl trying to enter the door.  It was indeed locked, and he through his arms up in frustration.

I rolled my window down and asked, “Sir, can I help you?”

Carl replied, “Oh, I hope so.  My wife left her purse under her seat in church today!” 

We entered and Carl retrieved his wife’s purse.  I told him that I believed God planted the idea in my head that I had left the church unlocked.  The timing was perfect and nobody can convince me that God was somehow to involved.

On the following Wednesday, I had a strong impulse that I needed to call Zo.  She is a dear choir member who had emailed a week earlier that she was struggling with being in choir.  She felt that she didn’t know enough about music to be of much use.  I called Zo and shared my heart with her.  She is an asset to the group and to the worship service.  Her attitude is great and it is contagious.  She just needed encouragement.  She said that right before I called, she thought she wished she could talk with me because she really wanted to stay involved in choir.  Again, God’s timing was perfect as most would say it probably was not a great idea to let a week go by before talking with her.  I believe Zo needed time for God to prepare her heart for our phone call.

This week God has taught me an incredible lesson of how much more powerful and effective life is when it is lived in step with the Spirit of God.  You don’t have to be vocational minister to apply this lesson.  I believe it can be used in any vocation.  After all, the English word “vocation” has its Latin root “vocare” which means “to call”.  So whatever you do, whether a paid employee, a volunteer, or a retired person, plug in to the power source!