Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mission Cebu 2012 (3 of 8)


On Friday, June 22 (CarCar City, Cebu Island) and Thursday, June 27 (Cuaming Island) we held two medical missions.  Our funds we paid helped provide medical supplies .  Vital signs were taken on each person who attended and each person was also interviewed to determine health risks.  Participants were also  given basic medicines to take home: antibiotics, analgesics, nasal decongestants, vitamins, etc.  Pastor Juval wanted to be sure that each person was introduced to the Great Physician before meeting the earthly physician.  Praise the Lord that of 261 who attended the medical missions, 125 were professed Jesus as LORD!!!  Friday's medical mission was held at Eastside Baptist Church in CarCar (where we stayed).  Thursdays event was much more work.  It involved a 3 hour pumpboat ride.  Cuaming is a very poor island of 4,000 residents.  There are no toilets and there is no running water.  The land is so small that a person could walk the perimeter in less that an hour.  We saw very few elderly people here.  When a person gets ill, there is no hope and no help.  How critical it is that we introduce these beautiful people to Jesus.  Despite the deplorable conditions on Cuaming, the people were very friendly and seemingly happy.

The beautiful children of Cuaming Island

Mission members prepare the medicines for distribution at Eastside Baptist
Church, Cuaming.  Supplies for this church we transported piece by piece
by Rescue 911, the church's pumpboat.

People hear the gospel message before receiving medical attention

Pastor Johnny Galera share his faith with a visual aid

A Filipino pastor follows up with children who made a decision to follow Christ

John shares the gospel on Cuaming

Colin shares his faith with a large group on Cuaming

It was amazing how each mission member grew during the week
Here, Peter shares the plan of salvation.

I was preaching Jesus on Cuaming with the help of my interpreter, Leonardo.

Cuaming looks beautiful from a distance.

Upon closer examination, one can see the effects of 4,000 people living on
a tiny isle without sanitation.

All food and medical supplies had to be loaded and unloaded by wading
about 100 yards over the coral reef.

The children loved being photographed with the Peter and the other Americans

Steve Beevers made some new friends.

The children loved seeing their faces on the LCD screen of the digital camera
after each shot was taken.

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