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Mission Cebu 2012 (1 of 8)


Our Plan from DFW to Seoul, South Korea

The is the first in series of eight blog entries detailing our experience on Our mission trip to The Philippines June 20-30, 2012.


“After much prayer, work, promotion, & planning, June 20th had finally arrived.  There were six members of this mission team: 1 from Plano, 2 from Denton, 1 from Malakoff, and 2 from Center (Peter Davis and me).  I picked Peter up at 4:30 AM on Wednesday morning, June 20th for the 3 ½ hour drive to the Dallas Ft. Worth Airport.  We flew Korean Airlines.  This was the best airline I’ve ever used.  The first leg was a 14 hour and 45 minute flight from Dallas to Seoul, South Korea.   We had a 4 hour layover in Seoul, then a 4 hour flight to Cebu, Philippines.  We arrived at the airport in Cebu around midnight on Friday.
We were initiated in the ways of the roads as we drove an hour to CarCar City. It was terrifying! Be sure to look at all of the pictures of the modes of transportation available to Filipinos.  At the very bottom I have included two videos of the traffic that you just have to view!

John Rayburn, Steve Beevers, Colin Rayburn, & Peter Davis


John Rayburn.  Member of FBC Malakoff. He was one of my sound techs at Malakoff.  This was his 3rd trip to Cebu and he was the organizer of the mission trip.

Steve Thompson is from Plano.  Steve is the CEO of his own company and is also the chairman of the board of the Center for Global Ministry.  This organization supports 3 national pastors in 3 nations: one in Israel, one in India, and Pastor Juval Galera in The Philippines.
Eric Beechem, Minister of Music, Media, & Senior Adults at First Baptist Church of Center, TX
Peter Davis is married to Beka.  They joined our church 1 ½ years ago.  They have 5 children and are also foster parents.  He is working as an officer with the Shelby County Sheriff’s office.

Steve Beevers.  Steve is a small business man who was once a youth minister.  He is a member of a house church in Denton.

Colin Rayburn.  Colin is John Rayburn’s son.  Recently completed is time in the army.  He is a student at the University of North Texas and he’s majoring in Philosophy with an emphasis in Environmental Ethics and Religion.  He is a member of the Village Church in Denton.

Map of The Philippines
The Philippines
Mission Locations

Japanese made Autozam minivan.  You have to love the spoiler!

People can travel to all of the major islands by ferry.  It's a slow process as (14 hours of riding/driving from Cebu to Manila.  Vehicles sized from motorcycles to 18 wheelers ride the ferries.

Interesting looking little pickup truck

We spent a lot of time in this Hyundai van.  At one time I believe we packed 16 into it!

Non Motorized Tricycle


Eastside Christian Academy student around covered pickup truck

Many ride there tour buses to travel from town to town.  There's a "How's My Driving" bumper sticker on the rear.  My answer, "It's absolutely horrible!"

Instead of taxis, you can hire a tricycle to get around.

Front view of a tricycle


The Jeepney evolved from U.S. Army jeeps that were left on the islands at the conclusion of WW II.  The locals simply repurposed them to use for taxis of sorts.

I actually saw people riding the carabao along the highway although they are more commonly used to plow rice paddies.

Traffic Video of Downtown CarCar

Driving in Cebu

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