Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mission Cebu 2012 (2 of 8)


During our eight days in The Philippines we enjoyed wonderful hospitality from Mrs. Zenny Galera and Eastside Baptist Church.  Cebu's climate is tropical, so you will find some of the best tropical fruit in the world here.  I just wanted to take the time to how you some pictures of the agriculture and the local cuisine.



Sugar Cane

Rice Paddie

Prawn Farm

A carabao plowing a rice paddie

Fishing and Crabbing Industry

Delicious Ube Ice Cream
(the ube is a purple yam)

We had rice and noodles with nearly every meal.
Rice is even served with breakfast

BBQ Chicken with sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf

This pineapple was incredible!

Noodles with pork, cabbage, and other local veggies

I don't remember what the fruit in the above 2 photos is called.
The yellow one is jack fruit.

Egg batter dipped fried egg plant, corned beef, hard boiled eggs, and rice
for breakfast.

Pork on a stick and lumpia.  Lumpia is a local favorite.  It's a deep fried
spring roll with veggies inside.  

Lechon was served on 2 occasions.  This one was at a church plant.  3 were slaughtered
on Sunday morning.  Their squeals were what woke me up.  I called it my Filipino alarm clock.


Lumpia, lechon, sticky rice and fish

Tortas and banana meats (yes, that is a pan fried banana stuffed with meat)

Local fruit (Bananas, mangoes, and pinepple).  I see a foreign fruit too (the apple!).

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