Monday, January 6, 2014


As we begin a new year, many of us have already broken our new years resolutions.  I was thinking about something crazy.  If Satan made resolutions for 2014, what would they be?

Satan said, “I know the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  My time is short.  I must claim every soul possible before Jesus returns.  Here are my resolutions concerning the church.”


1. Do whatever I can to make sure the church uses a steady diet of songs written at least 50 years ago. Using melodies, harmonies, rhythms, & instrumentation common in current times will allow this generation an open door into the church.  I want the music to be as archaic and foreign as possible so I can claim this generation.
2. Convince God's people that they don't need to worship together.  That way, the body of Christ will be lacking.
3. Offer a false god for people to serve; musical style.  They will be deceived into worshiping their style of choice and fight over which god (style) should be exalted.  All the while, they will fail to worship the One True God.
4. Do whatever it takes to insert songs that employ poor theology.  The church believes the words in the songs, so this is an effective way to impose false teaching on the church.
5. Make sure that services are boring.  The last thing I want is a pep rally for Jesus that spurs the Church into battle mode!


1. Tempt Christians.  If they stumble, they will not feel worthy to tell others about Jesus.

2. Propagate lies.  My favorites:
    a.  It's best to keep your faith to yourself these days.
    b.  You don't need to invite people to church.  They already know where the church is.  There is no need to be           pushy.
3. Keep people so busy that they don't have time or energy to work for God.

BUSY is:

        Being Under Satan's Yoke


1. Foster division in the church.
2. Lead God's people to gold grudges and stay bitter.


1. Keep Christians isolated so I can devour them.
2. Keep Christians immature so I can devour them.
3. Keep Christians unhealthy and entangled in sin so I can devour them.


1.  Tempt God's people to live beyond their financial means.  They will not be able to give to the work of the church.  This will cut off funding for local, state, national, and international ministry and missions.

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