Monday, May 30, 2011

A Renewed Passion

For the past two years, I have had a burning desire to be creative.  That desire prompted me to start this blog.  I enjoy writing devotionals and writing about random thoughts that I find interesting.  For years I've wanted to write songs.  I've written a few.  One is a simple chorus called "Like A Dove".  My wife is the only person who has ever heard it.  Another, "He Holds the Key" came after a day of fasting and prayer.  I pushed it aside and it was lost in a desk drawer for three years.  When I found it, I threw it away.  I wrote one for Kim on Valentine's Day called "The One".  I sang it for a banquet at First Baptist Church in Nash, TX once.  I started one when we were adopting Ethan that I need to complete.  It is titled "Born of Our Hearts".  There is something about writing a song that causes one to bare their soul.  There is something very vulnerable about it and I suppose that is why I have kept my songs hidden.

This Christmas Kim gave me a book called The Craft of Christian Songwriting by Robert Sterling (published by Hal Leonard).  I have a chapter and half left to read.  What a great piece Mr. Sterling has written.  I can't listen to a song without analyzing the form, rhyme scheme, and use of devices like simile and metaphore.  Of course I have to give the play-by-play commentary of every song I hear on the radio.  "Listen, Kim", I exclaimed, "here is the bridge!"  Kim replied, "Can't you just listen to the song and enjoy it?"  I now find myself carrying a "hook book" with me in case a sermon has a little gem buried within its message.  I've even started practicing guitar again.  I think Kim is getting tired of hearing me practice "Forever and Ever Amen"!

I look forward to nurturing the creative seed within me.  I'm pretty raw right now.  The fun is in the journey and I'm looking forward to a new challenge.  My choir had better get ready because they will likely be my guinea pigs!

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